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News articles get noticed at a fraction of the price of paid ads

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Pick up any newspaper and you’re bound to see them. Sometimes you see just a few, and sometimes dozens of them – news from local businesses about their services, products or employees.

Press releases, when written well and targeted to the right audience, can promote any business effectively. They work for large multi-national firms and your local family-owned landscaping company. They make you more visible in print and on the Web.

The secret to press releases that work

Feature-style news releases are excellent for promoting your business in new and familiar print media. The secret is to focus on your reader. Use a press release campaign to build awareness about your work, by showing how you help with a key need.

Since you can also display the same text on your Web site, you can use  keyword-rich content that improves your list place in search engines like Google. The right keywords help people searching for help to find your product and business.

Because people search and read when they are looking for information, your press release is invaluable publicity for your business. It’s a powerful tool that should be part of any well-planned campaign.

Tune people in by telling your story

Every small business has a great story to tell. But while you’re running your business, it’s a struggle to craft your message, get it out, and make yourself more visible in the marketplace.

Regular press releases can be an effective promotional tool. But ordinary news has a limited reach. The talented storytellers at Hook PR Group go beyond traditional methods by crafting feature-style releases ideal for small and medium sized newspapers and news services.

Feature-style news releases go beyond grabbing media exposure for your company’s new products, services and events. This type of news release appeals directly to your buyers and consumers, highlights your expertise, and raises your company’s search engine rankings.

A no-cost way to find out how press releases can work for you

Set up a free brainstorming session with one of our marketing professionals — email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 302-858-5055. See how your audience can find you and your news, instead of somebody else’s.


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