Our goal is to anchor your brand in their minds. . .  and reel them in

aboutSince our founding in 2007, we have employed creative strategies that rely on developing relevant and compelling content that we present in a compelling way. At the heart of content marketing is also good storytelling. You can tout your features and benefits, just like your many competitors do. But when you start to dig deeper for your company story – personality, promise and potential – your brands comes alive.

Our approach starts with the premise that your brand is your story. Your brand is the hook that catches clients because it represents the origins of your company and its distinctiveness. The story humanizes what you do and what you sell. Without it, you’re another annoying interruption that consumers don’t want to hear.

Our strategy for working with new clients often varies widely depending on needs and strategies already in place. It can involve one or all of the steps that follow:

delaware web design – Branding1. Defining your story and bolstering your brand. Call it Going on a Fishing Expedition. We’ll delve into your company’s history, mission, goals and clients to frame your brand essence through storylines that resonate with your clients. In the process, some clients need a more modern logo, a tagline or other branding signals. We’ll tackle positioning and rebranding if needed.

delaware web design – Target2. Identifying target readers and metrics for content marketing. A content marketing plan is ineffective until you’ve clearly identified your prospects, categorized them and determined what they want to learn from you. Here is where we put on the shoes of your clients to determine how they would benefit from a deeper understanding of your brand. You decide which expertise you can best share. We do this while always keeping your brand story front and center. Our content marketing work involves metrics.

delaware web design – Google3. Creating a strategic inbound marketing approach. Taking an integrated approach is always best and most effective. We start by solidifying your brand and website. Then we talk about campaign objectives that could create greater loyalty and lead. We’ll then explore which inbound marketing strategies would be most useful. They might include advanced search engine optimization, social media or content marketing. Next, we establish a budget that can be shifted based on analytics. We’ll identify timelines and measure all that we do. This approach is recommended by many inbound marketing gurus including Paul Roetzer, author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint.